512kbyte SPI EEPROM modules for sale

I developed a project that used data held on an SD card for use in an automotive environment. However, I kept getting errors - couldn't initalise card, can't open file, etc, which I put down to vibration.

To overcome this I created a small 512 kbyte memory card using four 24LC1025-I/SN memory devices. Divided up into 8 lots of 65536 x 8 bits, they use the I2C bus and respond to device addresses 0x50 through to 0x57. The board operates across a voltage range of 1.7V to 5.5V and measures a nominal 33mm * 20mm. They will accommodate header pins but these aren't included as this seemed counter to the notion that it was to be used in an environment where vibration is an issue.

Due to minimum order quantity I have a few surplus if anyone is interested. I will supply and fit the surface mount devices (sourced from a reputable supplier!). They will be fitted with 4K7 pullups by default which can be changed on request. Price is £18.00 each delivered to the UK, anywhere else there will be an additional delivery charge. Payment by Paypal.

If you are interested, or I have missed any details, drop me a PM.

(Please note that the memory devices are actually marked 24L1025-I/SN, not LC)



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