5161AS 7 Segment Display


First day with my Arduino (loving it). I've wired up a 5161AS 7 Segment display. It's segment pins connected to digital output pins of the Arduino and it's top middle pin to ground.

2 questions:

  1. Should I have some resistors in here somewhere?
  2. Should I wire both of the 5161AS's ground pins to ground? At the moment I've just connected the top middle pin (pin 8 I think). Should I also connect the bottom middle pin (pin 3 I think)?

It all seems to be working fine as is.

Thanks in advance


You need a resistor for each segment (8 resistors counting decimal point, if applicable). The resistors should be 220 ohm (or so) [u]minimum[/u], 470 ohm would be safer. The cathode is connected to both pins 3 and 8 so connect ground to either or both.