52 LED fading chaser 4x13 grid

Hey guys!
It's my first time posting, so let me just thank the wonderful community for helping me out over the years. Without this forums, and others like this, many hobbyists such as myself would never see the end of some projects without the information found on the forums.

K enough brown nosing. I was hoping someone would point me in the right direction.

I want to create a 4x13 LED grid (I have another, differently shaped grid I'll need to make after this one) that has a knight rider effect for each row (fading as well). Each row has to be synced together, so that the whole grid has the knight rider effect.

I've made chasers with decade counters, and I've thought about using multiple 4017s, but I'm trying to make this compact, which is why I was leaning towards an Arduino based solution.

In case anyone's wondering, the grid is to fill in some of the back honeycomb grill on back of my newest rig. The animated effect would look amazing inside my pc.

Basically how can I connect 52 leds with the Arduino and get my knight rider grid effect? Ive looked into shift registers, cascading 4017s and such but I'm having a bit of trouble putting it all together, I think I'm wasting time more than anything which is why I thought better to just ask.

Any help is appreciated, and if this was answered before, just point me to the link. I can't seem to find anything like what I'm looking for.

These days this sort of thing is normally done with WS2812 LED strip, sometimes called Neopixel strip. You can cut up this strip into any physical layout you want. This shows how to wire them up:-

As you can get these strips in various LED densities, normally 30, 60 and 120 LEDs per meter you can choose the density that looks good on your application.

Thank you for the quick reply. I have seen those strips while I was automating my house; I already have some and they're wonderful.

Unfortunately for my needs this would not serve my purpose.

I specifically need to use 5mm leds because they fit perfectly within the dimensions of the holes of the grill.

My only option to make it aesthetically pleasing is to use the 5mm's which is why I'm here.

This PC is a full copper tube build I had just completed which I'm theming around Cyberpunk 2077.

But you say you want fading, so PWM? If so, then four PCA9685 modules would do it for 20 mA LEDs.

If not PWM then of course a single knock-about MAX7219 module will do it all for you.

Just forget the matrix provided and wire it to your own.

And incidentally, if you want full colour control, APA106 LEDs which work like NeoPixels do come in 5 mm size.