5202 Motor Speed with RC Control

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I'm using a 5202 motor with a micro controller with an RC interface. I want to monitor the speed of the motor through the encoder.

I based my sketch off of one that used a potentiometer to control the motor, but I use an RC unit to do that. I commented out the lines for the potentiometer control.

My sketch won't compile. Please help.

Here's my sketch:
Gearmotor Rotary Encoder Test
Read pulses from motor encoder to calculate speed
Control speed with potentiometer
Displays results on Serial Monitor
Use Cytron MD10C PWM motor controller
DroneBot Workshop 2019

// Motor encoder output pulse per rotation (change as required)
#define ENC_COUNT_REV 537

// Encoder output to Arduino Interrupt pin
#define ENC_IN 3
// MD10C PWM connected to pin 10
#define PWM 10
// MD10C DIR connected to pin 12
#define DIR 12
// Analog pin for potentiometer
int speedcontrol = 0;

// Pulse count from encoder
volatile long encoderValue = 0;

// One-second interval for measurements
int interval = 1000;

// Counters for milliseconds during interval
long previousMillis = 0;
long currentMillis = 0;

// Variable for RPM measurement
int rpm = 0;

// Variable for PWM motor speed output
int motorPwm = 0;

void setup()
// Setup Serial Monitor

// Set encoder as input with internal pullup


// Set PWM and DIR connections as outputs
pinMode(PWM, OUTPUT);
pinMode(DIR, OUTPUT);

// Attach interrupt
attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(3), updateEncoder, RISING);

attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(ENC_IN), updateEncoder, RISING);

// Setup initial values for timer
previousMillis = millis();

void loop()
// Control motor with potentiometer
motorPwm = map(analogRead(speedcontrol), 0, 1023, 0, 255);

// Write PWM to controller
analogWrite(PWM, motorPwm);

// Update RPM value every second
currentMillis = millis();
if (currentMillis - previousMillis > interval)
previousMillis = currentMillis;

// Calculate RPM
rpm = (float)(encoderValue * 60 / ENC_COUNT_REV);

// Only update display when there is a reading
if (rpm > 0) 

  Serial.print("PWM VALUE: ");
  Serial.print(" PULSES: ");
  Serial.print(" SPEED: ");
  Serial.println(" RPM");

encoderValue = 0;


void updateEncoder()
// Increment value for each pulse from encoder

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What is the error? You did not provide that information. What board are you using? It compiles just fine for me on a Uno.


Thank you for the sanity check!

I pared down the sketch title and restarted everything and it's working!

The program did ask to set up a new folder with "sketch" in the title.

All good!

Thanks again!

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