5D Movie Effects Script

I have a motion Simulator that I want to add 5D movie effects to. I have plans for all of the components (wind, water, scent, and vibration) but I have no idea how to control them. I have no experience writing code whatsoever but (correct me if I'm wrong) I don't think this script shouldn't take a lot of coding knowledge to complete.

To give you and idea of what I want to do, there is an app that I run with my simulator called Video Ride Player that will run 3D movies with motion code that I program. https://www.xsimulator.net/community/marketplace/simtools-v2-video-ride-player.175/. I will have Arduinos with motor shields on them running all of the 5D effects. I want to have a script initiate on the Arduinos when I press play on the video in the application and activate the Arduino motor shield outputs when I want in certain points in the video. I don't need them to variate the power sent to the components I'm using, I just need ON/OFF action.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Sam.

Have you thought about using video timing as a reference?

Yes that is what I'm planning on doing. Apologies if it wasn't clear in the op. I just need to know how to write code that will say to the Arduino "At 1:03 Turn output 1 on" then "At 1:06 Turn output 1 off" and sync the script to the VRC application play/pause button. If trying to monitor data coming from VRC play/pause button would be too complicated, an alternative that would work just as well is to tether both play buttons to a hotkey but I'm not sure how to do that either haha. I guess that isn't an Arduino question but just putting ideas out there.

@fnb111 Any ideas on this?