5G WiFi

Hi, I Have been working on project of putting a wireless weather an monitoring system in my detached garage. Last month my internet provider upgraded my equipment. this was good. but during the upgrade the technician scanned the area for signal strength or interference from my neighbours. The good news is I am the first to have 5G WiFi. the bad news is that my YUN shield uses 2.4G WiFi and that signal gets quite week in the garage and the neighbours get just as strong on the same 2.4G channels. Is there a way to upgrade WiFi in the YUN or could I get a 5G WiFi dongle that would work with the YUN.


Arduino Tian

2.4/5 Ghz wifi

1Gb Ethernet

Base on 9342 CPU v.s. 9331 CPU at Yun/Shield, run twice faster than Yun.

I will try the TIAN.
I cannot get it in my region but I did find it at RobotShop.