5HP & 1HP motor control with arduino

i want to make control command to motor in realtime using sensor data.

i use one 5hp motor(HF-SP352) and one 2hp motor(HF-SP202) from mitsubishi motor.

5hp motor is used for speed control and 2hp motor is for position control.

mitsubishi company provides software to control motors but it can not be controlled in realtime

and it can not be compatible with other flatform such as matlab or C++ or C#.

so now i’m considering use arduino to control those motors.

is it possible with arduino?

maximum current consumption will be about 20~30A.

if it is possible which componant do i need?

if i use mitsubishi’s software, i need to by motion CPU and motion module as additioinal accessories.

with arduino, what do i need for motor control?

motor i using is with 3 phase 220V

hyeongseokJeon: motor i using is with 3 phase 220V

You probably need to do some research on commercial motor controls for motors of that size.

You need a frequency drive to control the motor (assuming it is an induction motor) and then control the frequency drive with your arduino.

If it is a servo motor then you will probably need a Mitsubishi drive for it.

As a retired A/C tech. we used to run all types of A/C motors with speed controls called a VFD which means varible frequency drive. The VFD work by converting the A/C into D/C and then D/C pulses to slow or speed up the motor. These units are redily available from comercial supplies like Granger. But the are costly. They even have them that you can hook up to a computer to run.


Frequency drives have come down in cost a lot in the last 10 years. I run a bunch of GS1's and GS2's from Automation Direct. Very robust, reliable, and affordable. I use PLC's, manual settings, and, of course, Arduinos to control them.

For position control of 3-phase induction motor you require an encoder on the motor and a controller of doing vector control utilising an encoder for true closed-loop feedback.

Can you tell us more about the application - why for instance have you selected the most difficult motors to control (induction) rather than steppers or sensored brushless or DC motors?