5m white LED strip FADE when on/off solution

Sorry for creating this question but I spend so much time with the (re)search.
I've been searching for the solution for the FADE effect for ordinary 5m LED strip. (white)

When hitting the light switch on - Led strip fades in (on). (during like 0,1sec)
When hitting the light switch off - Led strip fades out (off). (during like 0,1sec)

No other effects.

I've watched ton of videos about FADE (LED).
Solution of simple circuits (non-arduino) and arduino controlled.

Can't found what I'm looking for.
Please help me with this.

There are lot of results but they are usually:
*- examples of fade in/out effect with 1-5 LED diodes *
*- controlling RGB Led strips *
*- flickering or repeating fades (light shows) *
*- project disputed by comments under the project *
*- manually controlled dimmers *

The LED strip is ordinary 5m 12V white strip. Takes 30W (2.5A).

How would you "solve" the fade on/off for the strip.

(I consider both non-arduino solutions and arduino control solution)
(there might be more solutions unknown to me. Or solutions better to avoid.)
One way or another I am asking for help with this.
Very appreciate it. Thank you.

Maybe the fade led library would work for you. Available in the Arduino library - IDE/sketch/include library/manage libraries.

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You will need a driver, the Arduino is not capable of supplying that amount of current. You can find an example that is close then modify the code to suit your purpose.

Switch the strip on and off with a MOSFET and power it with a 12V >=3A PSU.

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I would like to choose this solution. (I liked it even before)
But will I need also a capacitor? (I think I will and a big one. Can you advice me what capacity to choose?)

I needed no cap with an early 3 color strip but a bypass cap on the external power supply might be good. Remember that the controller only switches the leds on and off faster than you can see to appear dim.

I went and bought WS2811 RGB led strings/tree lights. You give them Amps of 5V and 1 pin can set every led of 50 or 100+ any 24-bit color you want faster than you can see, the FastLed Library makes it easy.

Whatever works with 1 led can be made to switch a FET.

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