5v motor with arduino

Hey, I recently started research on my arduino project to make a automated water system (without the soil moisture detector) and i was trying to figure out how to connect all the different components. some people say i need to use trasistors and diodes and other people say that i need to use relays. I don't really know what the best method is, can somebody help me please?

List of components i have bought:
-Arduino Uno
-5v water pump
-bread board & jumper wires
-5v relay

The goal is basically just a single arduino with a water pump (5v).

What are you planning on using to power the water pump? (I'm guessing since you went for a 5V pump your intention was to run it directly from the arduino 5V, which is probably a bad idea)

What is the rated current of the water pump?

Add a 5V power supply to your inventory list. Current depending on your pump (+Arduino).