-5V (negative voltage) via DC/DC converter for AD1856 (16bit audio DAC)

Hello, I want to connect an AD1856 (16bit audio DAC) to my Arduino UNO. The AD1856 needs +5V and -5V as supply voltage. To get the negative voltage I will try to use a "Aimtec AM1S-0505SZ" DC/DC converter. To test the DC/DC converter I connected the "-V Input" to GND and the "+V Input" to +5V. Then I measured the voltage between "-V Output" and "+V Output" and got 5V (as expected), but when I measured the voltage between "-V Output" and +5V I don't get 10V (5V - [-5V] = 10V), but 0V!? What's wrong?

With DC/DC converters the outputs are usually isolated from the inputs. You probably need to connect the -V input to the +V output pin. (To be on the safe side, start off by connecting -V input and +V output with a low value resistor, then measure the voltage between +5v and -V output. If you get 10V, it works, and you can replace the resistor with a wire)

Yes, you should connect +Voutput to -Vinput, and then -Voutput will be -5V. But this module is a bit of overkill. You can just use a charge-pump inverter (e.g., TC7660) to get your -5V.

-- The Quick Shield: breakout all 28 pins to quick-connect terminals

...yes, that works, thank you!