5V pin directly to GND, broken?

Hi, I have got problem with my Arduino UNO. Unfortunately I connected 5V pin directly to GND, it was powered via external power supply (not USB). It started smell. Now the Arduino is not working if I power it via external power supply. Via USB it just start the program in memory, but computer does not detect device and I cannot load there new program. Could it be broke? How to detect it? Thank you, knezi

I think you have detected that it is broken.
You will have blown the internal power supply regulator circuit. Maybe the seriese diode maybe the regulator or power switch.

It looks like you have also blown the co processor, the one that converts USB to serial and makes the PC see the arduino board.

How good are you at surface mount soldering?

Thank you for your quick reply. I feared about this. In fact I've never tried surface mount souldering, but maybe my friend could do it. Is it very difficult?

Is it very difficult?

Well the 16U2 chip is, without the correct equipment yes.
You need a hot air work station for that one.

I will ask my friend, but in case he can't do it. Is there any way than just throw Arduino away?

Not that I know of.

Ok, so very thanks for your time.