5v pin not working

I just opend up my arduino starter kit and i tried doing the first project with a button, a resistor and an LED. And the 5v pin dosen't work. i tried putting the LED directly in the 5V and the resistor in GRD, still nothing. And yes, i tried switching the legs of the LED around. All help is apriciated.

So I have tested the LED in one of the Digital Output pins and the LED works.

Did you connect the LED backwards? They only work one way around.

Also, if you connected the LED between 5v and ground directly, with no resistor, the LED is burned out now.

Otherwise, it's gotta be a connection problem - your led/resistor are not making contact at one or both ends, or the header on the board is damaged or improperly soldered (not unheard of for cheap clones) or something