5v Pro Mini Freezes when running RF24 Example Code.

Hi there,

I have a 3.3v pro mini and a 5v pro mini plugged into my PC, both with RF24 Modules attached.

I load in 'Getting Started' example from the RF24. The 3.3v works fine, type 'T' to transmit, or 'R' to listen as it does just that.

The 5v one however just freezes up, the green light stays on, and doesn't do anything. This is all example code, with no modifications, and the wiring is correct too.

Any suggestion on how to trouble shoot the problem? Or what could even be causing it to crash?

Thank you, appreciate your input. Paul.

How do you power the NRF on the 5V Pro Mini?

5v Pro Mini (not working): The NRF has it's own 3.3v supply from a voltage regulator board. The arduino is currently just using USB power from the programmer.

3.3v Pro Mini: The NRF is powered from the VCC / GND on the pro mini (it will have a separate power supply later). The arduino is currently just using USB power from the programmer.

I have the same configuration (5V) running here for months. Tripplecheck the connections, check the soldering of all joints, on the NRF too. Compare the two modules. (I had one with a missing component making only sends fail...) Can you exchange the module? For some setups I use sockets...

Im fairly certain it isn't the NRF module. I have swapped them over, using the working one, the pro mini is still freezing.

The NRF's are shielded, so i cant see the components. But if i have to, i'll unsolder the shields and take a look. But i have 4 of them to try, and 2 had the same problems.

Okay, i just tried the working 3.3v pro mini with no NRF module attached and that freezes up too, and freaks out when you go near it. The 5v pro mini does similar things with no module attached. So that would suggest it is a connection problem.

It's late now, I will rewire the 5v pro mini tommorow, and report back if I still have issues.

Thank you.