5V Pro Mini Raw Input Problem

I'm using a 5V Pro Mini along with a 2.4ghz radio and some sensors to act as a wireless node that responds to requests for readings from a base node.

When plugged into a computer via UART or connected to 4-1.5v batteries via the raw input pin, everything behaves as normally. However when I connect a 9V or 12V power adapter to the raw input pin it still turns on, but the on board LED does not light up like normal and it does not respond to the base node's requests.

Does anyone know what could be happening?

Thank you!

I suspect your sensors are drawing too much current for the little onboard regulator on the Mini to handle.

Go through the datasheets for all sensors and add up the current. If you have a multimeter with a current mode, try to measure the total current draw from your (working) power supply. Then look for the specs on the Mini's regulator. Note that just total current isn't enough - you need to work out the power dissipation resulting from the voltage drop.