5V relay driven by ESP-01


I designed a PCB for my ESP01 project for home automation. I have them manufactured and tested and they work successfully with no issues so far. But I would like to share it with you to get your advice for optimization in terms of safety, efficiency and size. or whatever.

I considered in the design two type of relays SLA-5VDC-SL-A & SRD-05VDC-SL-C so I can chose based on application needs.

BOM list:

  • WX-DC12003 for voltage step down
  • LD1117V33 TO220 for regulating voltage 5V-3.3V
  • 2N2222 transistor
  • 1N4148 diode
  • 2 Resistor slots
  • KF1000-2P
  • KF1000-3P
  • 3.5mm Thick tracks for 15A with 30 degC increase.

A bit late if you manufactured them already.

Show us a good schematic of your circuit.

Give links to components.

only small quantities. anything to optimize for version 2?

Show us a good schematic of your circuit.

Those traces look way too thin.
There is no reasonable reason why they are so thin.

Are going to sell these or give them away? Either way, you need to be sure your personal liability insurance policy is large enough to cover you.