5v Servomotor control without integrated microchip

Hello everyone..
I wanted to know if there was a way to run a servomotor (with some limitations) without the integrated IC..
I had to change the wires inside one as they were too short for my project and now the microchip is fried. I don't know what it is and id like to know if I can replicate it on a little larger scale, just to get it moving about 40 degrees in one direction then return to the initial position. It's for a mechanism that lifts a pen in a CNC plotter.
Thank you very much

If you want to put in a motor controller and some way to measure the position, then you can drive it yourself.

But the easiest/cheapest way will be to buy a replacement.
Any specs on that servo? or even a pic?

Yeah.. i just realized that 5 minutes ago and I placed an order, I still want to do some research though as I got curious about driving it myself and I would like to finish the project tonight as it's the last piece I need to get done..
Thank you for your time!

Edit: Sry,
SG90, micro servo 9gF