5v submersible water pump controlled by nodemcu esp8266

Could you guys suggest a schematics of a 5v submersible water pump connected to nodemcu esp8266? Thank you!

I'd say first you need to clarify your expectations: in the subject line you say "powered by" and if that's really what you mean, that's a no-go. Micros can control, but never power. For power you need a separate supply capable of giving 5V at whatever current your motor data sheet says it may draw.

Your topic title says that the pump will be powered by the ESP board. Is that what you really mean ?

If so, then don't do it. Have the ESP control a relay or MOSFET that controls the pump and use an external power supply to power the pump

Then why didn't you say so ?


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Gee, that's eerily similar to this one: 5v submersible water pump controlled by nodemcu esp8266

When is this homework assignment due?

Then perhaps team up and just post ONE thread with all questions and solutions. Saves all of us a lot of time, especially you guys.

The reason why the other thread hasn't brought many solutions yet is the total lack of information you guys provide. You want help, then be specific on what hardware you're working with exactly and how it's connected (show schematics) and what code you've tried to get running, what problems it gave and where you're stuck exactly.

Specific problems will trigger useful solutions. A generic "please help" isn't going to amount to anything.

@anon35827816 I just spotted that too

I will merge the two topics

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Many thanks @UKHeliBob
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Do you mean you're already controlling it from the Nodemcu (or some other Arduino) and need advice on the firebase side, or what?

That's what I suspect.

Anyway, I'd suggest starting here: ESP32 Receive Data from Google Firebase and Control Outputs
It's for ESP32 but would work pretty much the same for ESP8266. It specifically seems to go into writing to a GPIO pin using Firebase. To use it with ESP8266, an appropriate Firebase library would have to be used such as this one: GitHub - mobizt/Firebase-ESP-Client: 🔥Firebase Arduino Client Library for ESP8266, ESP32 and RP2040 Pico. The complete, fast, secured and reliable Firebase Arduino client library that supports RTDB, Cloud Firestore, Firebase and Google Cloud Storage, Cloud Messaging and Cloud Functions for Firebase.

can't control the pump from firebase. The pump always turns on though the value of pump in a firebase is 0 or OFF. the code is correct, we don't know why we can't control it from firebase. is it because of mosfet that connected to waterpump or what sir/ma'am?

Apparently not.

Also, the code is apparently secret since you didn't post it. Until you post your code, nobody can help you.

Since you also haven't posted a schematic of your hardware setup, nobody can tell.

Are you getting the message? You give information, we help. You give no information, we don't help.

You give no information, we can't help

Yes, and perhaps to rectify the other part as well:

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