5v to 3.3v for hc-06 bluetooth with Arduino nano

Hey… i’ve been scouting the internet for some time now, and read that to use the hc-06 bluetooth module with Arduino Nano, i need to regulate the rx voltage to 3.3v, or the module will not read the signal. I read that this can be done by making a voltage divider with a 1k resistor and a 2k resistor. However, this doesn’t Seem to work, since i still cant get AT commands to Work. Have I misunderstood sommething? I am very new to this, so i’m sorry if it’s a dum or misplaced question…
Here is the voltage divider setup i made: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8f/Voltage_divider.svg

it should work fine without it tho