5v to ESP8266


As far as i have been reading, you should not supply the ESP8266 module directly from the arduino 5v output. In top of that, as far as i have read, the 3.3v supply of the uno might not be enough to power this module, and you might have problems starting it, if you power this way.

The question is, that i have bought a modded ESP8266 module, please find the link below, and on the board there is a physicial "5V" label, however in the especifications they speak about a maximun voltage of 3.2V.

So know i am more confused than an octopuss in a parking lot, should i power the ESP by using the 5V output of arduino, o use the 5v to 3.3v logical converter I have?

I plan to power this module from both arduino uno and arduino nano.



The Wemos mini has it's own regulator. You can power the board with 5 volts and it will provide 3.3 volts to the on-board ESP8266 chip. The 5 volts can be applied directly to the 5v pin or via the micro USB port.

You should consider using the ESP8266 module in place of the Uno or Nano rather than in addition to those devices if your situation permits.