>5V trigger (switch) with 3.3V

Hi everyone,

I can't solve my problem.. working with an arduino 3.3V, need to trigger a camera shutter which needs at least 5V. I do have 5V or 12V available.

The problem is that the trigger GND and the camera GND are common, which means I do have to give only +5V or +12V.

Any suggestions? (BJT, optocoupler, 3.3v to 5v adapter...?)

Thank you

A level shifter ?


It even has the circuit so you can make a 1 channel version yourself (if you can solder an SMD component).

I like that solution, never seen it before, but will definitely use it one day, as a matter affect, I'm gonna order me some.

I ordered 10 pieces 4 channel bi- directional for $2.49

Hi guys, thank you for the answer, a bit busy these last days.

I'm not sure this will work. It does say only digital signal. I only have a 3.3 voltage (no digital signal).

I've tried with a step-up circuit (3.3V to 12V), but it doesn't work, to much energy drawned by the circuit or the trigger. I definetly need an external power source (5v or 12v).

Is there any alternative than using a relay?

A 3.3V level that is either HIGH (3.3V) or LOW (0V), IS a digital signal, is the camera trigger normally LOW and goes HIGH to trigger, or HIGH and goes LOW to trigger?

Camera is HIGH on Trigger. I've ordered the level shifter. I'll try this way :slight_smile:

Thank you