5v voltage regulator with lowest quiescent current

Does anyone here have a suggestion for a 5v voltage regulator that accepts car voltage (13.9v-14.4v or so) with as little energy wasted as possible? Linears are out.

I'm trying to power an atmega328 and very little else (a couple of transistors and a couple of small leds) from a car, and I'm trying to find the best regulator to use. My first board used an Arduino Nano as the base, and thus the linear regulator that it uses (TI UA78M05CDCYRG3). I found that it consumed 23mA while the chip was on. My next board (bare chip) used a LMZ14201, and used only 8.4mA while running, and 1.40mA while the chip was in sleep mode.

I'm very happy with the LMZ14201, but it's a bit much for my needs (1A capacity), it's relatively expensive ($13 + 10 more components, ceramic caps and resistors), and its footprint has a pad underneath which is a pain.

The MC34063A is a popular switch mode chip, but it requires electrolytic caps, which I would rather avoid for longevity purposes. (Feel free to tell me if I am I being silly here.)

Does anyone have a better suggestion, or am I stuck with the dilemma of: Cheap, efficient, long lasting. Pick two.
Cheap, efficient: MC34063A
Cheap, long lasting: any ol' linear
Efficient, long lasting: LMZ14201
Cheap, efficient, AND long lasting: ???

Use tantalum caps instead of electrolytics and the MC34063A solution should be just what you need: cheap, efficient, long lasting. Tantalum caps are not as cheap as electrolytics, but you'll still come in under $13.

The Ruggeduino: compatible with Arduino UNO, 24V operation, all I/O's fused and protected

Thanks! I'll give that a shot, see how things run.

Try the LM2936 5.0V LDO regulator. It has a quiescent current of 15uA and up to 60V input.