5vdc to Vcc instead of RAW pin

So I have an arduino pro mini. I was using it the other day on a project at school for an electric assisted bike. I had it wired up with a regulated 5v going into the Vcc instead of the RAW pin. It was working. Then I took the project box and fastened it to the bike. It quit working after that. I don't know if it's because I crossed something in the box when I was mounting it (lotsa' loose wires still at this point), or if it just eventually gave out because I was putting 5v where I shouldn't have.

Currently, I can't upload programs to it. The little red LED stays lit, the tx light on the ftdi breakout lights up once for a split second, then nothing. The rx light does nothing. And the IDE tells me "stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding"

Is there a chance I could just get an AVR programmer and re-load the bootloader, or do you think the chip itself has been fried?

So have you fixed it by putting 5v where it should be or is it still wrong.
How can you expect it to work when by your own admission:-

(lotsa' loose wires still at this point)

Electronics just need one disconnected wire to go wrong and possibly break.

, or do you think the chip itself has been fried?

Impossible to tell from the information you have given.


I've completely removed the mini from the circuit and it won't load a program. I just uploaded a program to my duemilanove just fine.

I'm trying to 'burn bootloader with arduino as isp' following the wiring on http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoISP and get the same error...

It is unlikely that you have damaged the boot loader, it is more like the chip.

Does the computer recognise the serial port, if so then it is the Atmega chip, otherwise it is the USB / serial chip.

Well, looks like I need to go get another arduino then. :frowning:

it recognizes the usb port but doesn't do anything.

Just replace the processor chip. Many places sell them with the bootloader ready built in. However as you have a mini your soldering might not be up to a replacement.

Does anyone carry pre-programmed surface mount 328 parts? I haven't seen any.

No I haven't seen any.

I think my next order to Mouser I will add a couple atmega328p-au, start playing with replacing the surface mount part and programming using a duemilanove as the ISP.
They don't seem to have any 328s in stock at all except for the leadless package type.