6 analog inputs versus 8 (Arduino BT)


I just bought an Arduino BT which has 8 analog inputs. It uses the Atmega8 chip that has 6 10bit AD converters and 2 8bit converters for input. Why are those last two not used on the Arduino BT? I would like to have at least one of them.

Thanks for your time.

Best, Hans.

Hi everybody,

Just solved the problem myself. Just connected the Arduino BT analog in 6 and 7 working with Arduino2Max object and Arduino2Max_OCT2007.pde. I used 'Arduino 10' to edit and upload the .pde file which had to be altered to be able to read analog 6 and 7. With a little tweaking in the ArduinoSerialReader (unpacking 18 instead of 16 items from the serial object) and naming the analog ins it worked without any problems.

Best, Hans.