6 Analog inputs + video

This is my first Arduino project and I'm running into what appears to be a roadblock. I am connecting 6 analog air pressure sensors but then loose the SCL & SDA pins, analog #4 & #5. What options do I have for also having a 1.5" display?

PS please respond as if I am a complete novice because I am a complete novice.

What pressure sensors? What 1.5" display? What Arduino?

What I am saying is that you made the most common mistake all newbies make: assuming we will somehow know what hardware you are talking about. There are so many varieties of every component these days.

But the most worrying word you used is "video". Arduino cannot process moving images, if that is what you meant. Was it?


If you need more analog inputs but need to keep the i2c pins free for some reason, the most commonly used components are:

  1. 4057 analog multiplexer chip (uses 4 digital outputs + 1 analog input, provides 8 analog inputs)
  2. Ads1115 a/d converter chip/module (uses/shares the i2c bus, provides 4 analog inputs)

Looks like SPI is the answer. Have been looking at examples that used the SDL & SCA pins. Told you I was a novice.

Will also check out the multiplexer option.