6 Audio inputs to MIDI


Is it possible to use this example to receive 6 audio inputs simultaneously with minimum lag?

I also want an option for each input to be assigned to a different midi channel.

If it’s not possible below then can some please advise how this can be possible?

Thanks, Brad

You need to pull up the sleeves and read the specs and details.
Way to much to take on.
You do the work, we assist when needed. Not the opposite.

Audio to MIDI is difficult because any real audio signal contains many different frequencies so recognising the "main" note frequency isn't trivial. Also what does "minimal lag" mean to you (in actual time please)? What is the project to be used for?

And most Arduinos are too slow for audio processing though the MKR series are some of the faster ones. I'd build a single channel version and see if that will do what you want. Once you get there then reading more audio channels and assigning the output to different MIDI channels is easy enough. It just needs plenty of processing power.


Ok thank you. This is helpful… I am a mechanical engineer with coding skills but no experience with Arduino. I’m going through the patent process to protect my company IP. However, the tech is existing but the usage and application is subject to patent.

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