6 audio tracks on raspberry or arduino

Good morning;

I’m here to ask for your help.
I am on a project and on this project I would like to be able to recover and analyze 6 different audio tracks in stereo.
But I would also like to be able to analyze these 6 tracks either by an arduino or by a Raspberry PI.
I can’t think of a solution.
Can someone help me?

Did you mean "record"?

Raspberry Pi is the way to go. It has far greater processing speed/power and memory, which is what will be needed for audio recording and analysis.

no, I would like to recover the audio from 6 stereo inputs to then be able to analyze them with a raspberry but I do not see how to do

It's not very clear what you mean by "recover". If you said "record audio from 6 stereo outputs" I would understand that, but you say "recover" from "inputs"...

Perhaps a diagram would help?

Perhaps the OP wants to "redigitize" the audio back to it's original digital form. I once had an audio engineer customer with a business of redigitizing audio from CDs and increasing the fidelity. Not for an Arduino , nor the faint of heart, because of the prices.

... or, "analyze".

Sorry, I don't understand what you want to do either....

Is there a reason you don't want to use a regular computer?

Some things are impossible to "recover" and there are different ways to "analyze" sound.

Are the 6 tracks real-time analog audio or digital audio files? If they are analog are they simultaneous?

The regular Arduino has very limited memory and no "real" file system so it's probably not going to work for you. And if these are analog tracks, the Arduino's ADC is too slow for high-quality audio and totally useless (even at low-quality) if you wanted to digitize 6 stereo tracks simultaneously.

The Raspberry Pi has more processing power and it has an operating system so it might be a better choice...

Hello thank you for your referral
For example, I would like to connect 6 phone which plays an audio music and retrieve the sound sent to then analyze the sound and be able to store the analysis in a csv file for example

Audio that results from digitized sources still is overridden by the original digitizing process. Similar to the pixelation you see when enlarging digital pictures.
Will you analysis be able to recreate the original audio so you can analyze it, or are you looking for the digital signature of the original recording?

I would like for example to be able to make a curve of it thanks to the different point to recover during the analysis

I think we have a language/translation problem....

For any kind of "serious analysis" you'll need a full computer.

6 telephones or 6 microphones?

All at the same time?

Is this "live" real-time audio? Or, digital or analog recordings?

What kind of "analysis"? ...People have made audio spectrum analyzer effects and you can research how that's done and you can find YouTube videos. There is a special chip called the MSGEQ7, and six of these could probably be used with the Arduino to make a 6-channel spectrum analyzer effect.

Note that people make spectrum analyzer visual effects with the Arduino... Not anything for scientific/engineering analysis.

6 simultaneous analog signals will require a multi-channel audio interface and either some specialized software or a DAW application for recording the audio and you can analyze later.

A DAW application will have to run a regular computer and a multi-channel interface will probably also require a full-computer although it might work on a Raspberry Pi.

Okay so let's imagine a scenario I have 6 phones that send music to a mixer, I get the different channels separately (All this live) and I analyze them with software or python code but only from a raspberry , That's right ?

The raspberry is necessary because it must be an easily transportable device

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