6 channel transmitter/receiver and Seeeduino

Hello all.

I'm looking into building my own quadcopter using the Seeeduino as a development platform. So far, all has been well but now i'm starting to run out of info and so I turn to the forums.

I've seen other threads which mention interfacing with transmitters and was just wondering if there are any implications over choosing my hardware.

The digital transmitter i'm looking into is fairly cheap and provides 6 channels which should be ample for my needs. What i'm more worried about is whether this will have different outputs to other more popular branded hardware?

Most of the threads i've seen use Futaba transmitters or other more expensive models. I can only assume that the outputs from each of these is the same in that every receiver will output the same PWM regardless of the make/model?

Other threads seem to implement the use of an oscilioscope but I don't have one of these, or even access to one. I'm thinking that perhaps I can save some time and effort by discerning the differences between different hardware as perhaps I can use code from an existing project rather than having to monitor the outputs myself and roll my own implementation?

I'm interested to get started but am struggling to find helpful information at the moment. If anyone can shed any light on this for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi all,

Sorry to bump this thread, i'm still looking for answers on this one.

I've found two different versions of the same transmitter/receiver. One of them is an 'aeroplane' version and the other is a 'helicopter' version. I'm not sure what difference this implies but from what I can see in the manuals for both (linked below) they each use a different type of modulation, namely: FM(PPM) and FHSS.

Does anyone know if these two provide any weighting towards which is the most favourable or even if there is any difference between the two at all?

I don't want to purchase the wrong kit to find out it's nigh impossible to interface with my Seeeduino.

As mentioned, i'm looking to create my own quadcopter so i'll need to be able to mix the inputs from the txrx and output the appropriate signals to the ESC's which power the motors. I'm confident I can manage this with the right info but am currently clueless as to which equipment I need to get the job done.

If anyone can shed any light on this for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

The links to the manuals for the transmitter and receivers are:
Aeroplane version
Helicopter version