6 channels of audio possible?

hi all, Have to admit I havent even touched an Aduino yet, mostly a PIC person sorry ;) Im just doing some fact finding groundwork for a project and I believe the Uno might be the perfect choice.

I need to play a possible of 6 sounds simultaneously into earphones. The audio quality is low. Speech, mono max of 5 secs long. Chances are there will not be too many instances where the triggers (probably from a PC via usb port) will require all 6 at the same time. This is worse case scenario. All six outputs receive audio once every 10 or so seconds. The audio is specific to each and less than 5sec long. The audio does need to coincide with the trigger. max delay 1 sec. The 6 trigger events are random and as such could happen all at once. So a single output is no good.

Question: would you think the arduino Uno could handle this processing? I believe they use the PWM outputs to create sounds. of which they have 6? wav files could be stored on SD card. So Id have to stream, (worse case) 6chns of audio from SDcard to PWMs. Or as I would prefer. stream the audio data from the PC via USB direct to a "buffer" then onto the PWMs.

Interested in your thoughts

Question: would you think the arduino Uno could handle this processing?

No. There is not enough memory to act as buffer space. You can only open one file at a time on an SD card.

You could probbly do this only on a Due.


The best I managed to do is playing 4 files from an SD card at the same time on the Arduino Due (wavefiles at 44kHz, 16 bits, mono). Maybe you could read 6 files at a time if you get down to 22 kHz.

There are 2 DAC output on Due you could use directly, and for the other outputs you should use PWM. It seems impossible for me to do that on an arduino Uno.

righto thanks.