6-digit TM1637-working only 4

Hi. I bought TM1637 6-digit display from aliexpress, and it seems that two digits no work? or I don't know all what need..

As I can see in many threads, others have similar problems too, buying from China .

Digit 4 (from left) never turn ON.
Digit 5 show always 11, whatever I do with code..
The numbers are always inverted and shufled, ex. if I set in code to show 123456, it will show 543....

(On back side TM1637 is a strong green led light, don't know why is always turned ON).

Using arduino nano, pins 2 and 10, after try on A4 and A5, is the same..(scl,sda).

with what code?

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Can you check the back side where the display is connected?

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#include "SevenSegmentExtended.h"
SevenSegmentTM1637 ils(3,4); 
//const byte PIN_CLK = 2;   // define CLK pin (any digital pin)
//const byte PIN_DIO = 10;   // define DIO pin (any digital pin)
//SevenSegmentExtended display(PIN_CLK, PIN_DIO);
void setup() {
  Serial.begin(9600);         // initializes the Serial connection @ 9600 baud
void loop() {

This is the simples code I tested. I Tested other codes, like TM1637-master library examples codes, always not work.

Also, I want say that using procesor "ATMEGA328P(Old Bootloader)", only this working for now.

I can test with multimeter. Don't know exactly what I must measured, but I will do on my way, maybe helps.
I set it to conuctivity test.
Plus on VCC pin, and Minus on all pins to chip.
Look colors markers in (second) picture:

-Green-that show all pins which show me Green light (no beep)
-Red- it is Beep sound, without green light
-Blue-is is without beep sound and green light

They are cheap for many reasons, and there is no product support. Buy a few, and hope that one or more actually works correctly.

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There is nothing left for simple debugging :frowning:

As the display is multiplexed and only 2 digits are wrong I suspect that the chip is defective.

If you are very curious you can remove the chip and connect the digit and segment pads to your Arduino, inserting current limiting resistors to the segment wires. Then you can write a multiplexer program yourself and, with some luck, you can use all digits.

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Apparently that library doesn't work with some 6-digit modules. Someone raised an issue about it last year, but no response.

I use TM1637Display library by Avishay Orpaz

You are right.
I tested now that two digits direct on battery, and working all segments. So, mistake is in chip.

Good news, the display was not problem. The problem was library. I install few of them, and
on all of them I got same results. Now I installed TM1637TinyDisplay-master library, but example for 6-digits, and display works normally. I am suprissed like never.

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