6 Direction of Freedom Joystick

I have seen some projects around for this type of controller i currently own a 3d printer and some Arduino components i was thinking about maybe spending some time and money on a project like this in the hopes to get a really nice finished product. I am very new to Arduino hardware and its capabilities in terms of processing power and how many sensors can be controlled by a single Arduino. Also the type of sensors available seems to be rather endless. I have a minor programming background so i can find my way around the code i tend to refactor everything to make it easier to understand. As far as electronics go i am pretty clueless i have some basics but need some advice here.

I own
Arduino UNO
Arduino MEGA
ESP32 (on order)
Also a large sensor beginners kit (not really useful for this project but has some basics)

Project scope
So the idea is to make and design a 6 Dof controller for a windows based pc to be used in 3d applications and games. With the addition of some buttons for extra functionality to be added to the project at a later date.

Hardware -
Stewart platform - 3d printed
Arduino Mega (i guess i need the extra input pins?) or ESP32 this thing has a lot of cpu power and wireless could be handy.

Angle/ liner measurement required 6 of these. I could really use some help here.
absolute rotary encoder - these seem really expensive and i will require 6 total so i dont think these are a cost effective for the project.
9g Servo motor - It was suggested that its possible to bypass the PCB in these and use to get the angle i think it might feel a bit rough though since you are still turning a mechanical motor but it would work?
Hall effect sensor - It uses a dipole magnet to sense rotation, that's all i know about these. They are used in gimbals for a radio controller for RC so they have application in this area i think might be good depends on the price.

I can use Rotary Encoder Module KY-040 these are $1 each for a 20 position switch as a prof of concept although i would much rather not to mess around to much with switching hardware around.

For a joystick you can use a 9DOF sensor, also know as IMU.

Hi friends,

I just joined so would take a while to find the correct forum to address my issues with the 6 dof stewart platform which i am planning to build. I have acquired an Arduino Mega Board for the purpose. The assembly of the platform is in progress; the CODE is a big question. Can any one please help me with the same.
Would appreciate all help to get started, the least.


What are your input parameters, which determine the intended position of the platform?