6 high-power actuators, random motion functions

Hi guys - I need a sketch. Offering to Paypal if that is ok with the forum.

You guys are familiar with “continuum robots”… Mine has 3 segments, each with X and Y movement = 6 channels. There’s a construction photo below.

The goal is to loop short, random movement functions so it has an unpredictable life of its own. Slowly, like a tree branch swaying. It would run all day on exhibition for weeks at a time.


  • 6 Creative Werks 110lb. actuators with potentiometer feedback.
  • 3 L298 H-bridges that are melting and I need to upgrade.
  • Mega 2560.
  • Grove base shield and 3 joysticks for testing movement.

The sketch I need would include:

  1. A reset function to center all actuators.
  2. Proportional easing so movements are not sudden.
  3. Run all 6 channels simultaneously.
  4. A fail-safe to call the reset function if (paramexceeded).

For example, a single channel would move back and forth at (rand) speed, for ((rand)duration || (rand)distance - whatever you think is best).

Working together, I can see lots of back of forth for optimization and tweaking, and more than happy to pay for that as well…

Check your PM.

Sounds like a very interesting project - seeing the image I have a hard time imagining how it is to work.

The power sockets in the background suggest you're located in the US - too far away. This is going to be a nightmare to debug remotely.