6 input differential ADC - Gas sensing

Hi Everyone,

I have acquired a Gas sensing board from Alphasense for a project I'm working on.

This board will produce six analogue voltages between -5v and 5v, depending on sensor type and gas concentration. I would like to measure these with an Arduino (and external ADC).


Is there any well supported ADCs out there that can do this. Ideally more than 10 bit, the digital logic is 3V3. I don't want to have to write a library as this is only for a prototype before integration into a product.

I don't want to have to build 6 analogue op-amp circuits to shift the voltage to all positive. As this is a lot of work for a prototype.

Alphasense Board:
Alphasense Circuit:

Any suggestions are welcome,

The docs are not very helpful. In detail I'm missing a circuit diagram and application note for connecting the module.

And also ....There are a few little A/D boards out there if you google ā€œ Arduino and A/Dā€ The likes of Sparkfun sell them , some include multiplexers to read several channels.