Hi all.

Could you help me how to wire a 6 pin DPDT button to be a power on-off button? I have a wemos d1 mini battery shield to which im connecting the lipo battery, but it needs a power switch.
I haven’t found how to wire it.
I want it connected to the breadboard.

Please help :confused:

Do you have a multimeter ?

No. :frowning:

No meter
no part number
no help

Generally a DPDT switch has the center pin switched between the two outer pins - but no meter is tougher - wire up a LED and resistor with some power and you can use the LED as a test probe with a couple of linger wires as the test prods - but be careful - and don't hook anything up with the battery until you are 200% sure you have the switch figured out - a short in the battery leads tends to make thing go BOOM literally

Posta photo of the bittom side of switch.
Ican only see one side.

Bit fuzzy - but when I zoom in on the last picture showing part of the bottom of the switch it looks like six pins - three on each side - one pin is hard to see since it is in the shadow

Looking at your switch you have two in one. The left side is a SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) and the right side is a SPDT since they are mechanically connected in a single housing it becomes a DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw) switch. If you want it to behave like a power switch you connect one wire to the center pin and the other wire on the one of the ends, do the same with the other power lead and put the second wire on the same end as the first. This is a relative common configuration for this style of switch. It would be best if you get or make a continuity tester they are easy to find on line, some of them even beep.
o+x Battery on + load on o
o-x Battery on - load on 0
Good Luck & Have Fun!