6-Pin orientation on Ard-Ethernet Board ? for Using Ada-FTDI

I haven't found a pinout diagram and don't see any labeling on the Arduino Ethernet board R3
Want to program with the Adafruit FTDI Friend but don't know which way to connect.

Perhaps you had better give us a weblink to whatever board you are referring?

I for one have no idea otherwise.

I guess it is this board http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardEthernet
The connector does not seem to be marked!

There is a comment on that web page:

The 6pin header connections are the same as the pinout on the USB serial light adapter linked above. On the Arduino side, the pins are like this. Pin 1 is the pin 1 is the closest to the regular TX / RX pins and the pin 6 is next to the micro SD reader.

  1. GND
  2. Not connected
  3. 5V
  4. RX
  5. TX
  6. Reset

These signals are from the perspective of the Arduino, so RX lets the Arduino receive data from the computer, while TX lets the Arduino send data to the computer (it depends on how your serial adapter is labeled if you need to connect RX-RX and TX-TX or if you need to cross them. You might just need to try both).

The reset pin allows automatic reset and is commonly connected to the DTR pin of your serial port to auto reset when the serial port is opened (but you can also use manual reset, where you press the reset button and then quickly start the upload process within the first second or so after releasing the reset button).

The connector does not seem to be marked!

Seems it was on the R2 - "BLK" adjacent to pin 1 to correspond to the original FTDI cable - and correct adapters. Detail left off the R3.

The "FTDI Friend" thus plugs in "right way up" and will of course, power up the board from USB. As against the clone versions of the Pro Mini, to which the FTDI Friend plugs in upside down!

I note (not possessing an original FTDI cable) that the wire colours are in the standard colour code order and cleverly match the functions.