6 sensors over modbus

Heya arduino family. I have a quick question 5hat I'm sure some of you wizards would be able to answer. Essentially if I had 6 of these


How am I best to gather data and then have it available to be graphed after a pass thru a UV tunnel. I'm unsure of what the best route would be to achieve this. Maybe an arduino talking to a pi or something like that?

Any input appreciated! Cam

Looks simple enough. This is supposed to be a battery-operated device so the whole thing goes through without trailing wires back to your desk?

I’d just log the data to a CSV file with an SD card adapter on your Arduino. Then pop the card into your desktop to graph it with your favourite software.

You will probably need a RS485 adapter for the Arduino too.

Hey thanks for the help. Yea this will be a mobile box used to collect the data. It's the layout of the system I'm unsure of and parts required. Is it likely they can be daisied together and then to the arduino 485 adapter? Each sensor won't need anything extra and can work by itself? Once I know the layout and parts I can Google and figure out a system I'd say :slight_smile:

Being modbus, is there anything else I'd need to know to be able to talk to the sensors? Each would need its own address which can be flashed in software and cable supplied


Daisy? No. More like a ladder. One of the advantages of RS485 is that each transmitter has an ‘idle’ state that lets other transmitters take over the data line when they aren’t actively transmitting.