6 servos, buzzer, and wireless control

Hello all,

I have been lurking for a while and reading old posts. But, I still haven't had all my questions answered.

Please let me know if/how this is possible.

I am looking to utilize 6 or more RC Servos in a timed fashion. I would like to incorporate a buzzer before each iteration of servo movements, and ultimately I would like it to be controlled by a small wireless (blue-tooth, hf, ect..???) on/off switch/button.

I am looking to automate a small target range I have, where targets face and turn away from the shooter in a timed fashion. I have found other similar posts, but none utilizing the same ideas.

I want it to function: buzzer beep, target 2 flips toward shooter for (x) seconds, target 2 flips back to starting position, target 5 flips, flips back, a few more target flip iterations of random targets, and then a buzzer beep to end the circuit. A buzzer beep to start the next circuit, random target flips, ect.

It would continue to run through varying circuits until turned off. However, I would like to make the targets flipped and times in which they remain flipped, totally random in each circuit, therefore not creating a noticeable pattern when I use it.

Is something like this possible?


Yes it is possible. But its a bit like saying I want to play a cello concerto, but I'd rather miss out the learning-to-play-the-cello bit.

If this is your first Arduino project, you will have to put in some reading, learning and experimenting time. You cannot just go straight to the answer.

So have a look at the Arduino.cc site, pick a tutorial or buy a book and play for a bit.

Then, pick one part of the project - pick the simplest looking part of the project (maybe the servo). Get that working and then move onto another part of the project. Eventually everything will work and you will feel a great sense of achievement.

Hey Si,

Thanks for the response. I get all that. However, I was wondering if it is possible, before I spent the money getting into an arduino setup. I was mostly curious about the programming aspects of the arduino and its limitations, and if it was possible to make it function in such a way.