6 Touch Sensors to Arduino Uno via ethernet to SQL to website.... project.

Hi Folks,

I have come up with a project plan, as I am 100% newbie to Arduino I am looking for some guidance on how to kick this project off.

[u]The idea/plan as is as follows-[/u]

6 touch sensors connected to Analog Pins A0-A5 on the UNO board with the Ethernet Shield (PoE) attached.

Outcome is I want to log each sensor value only when the value is above 800. So an no/off value on the database.

Then I want to use that database value on my web page to highlight 6 icons to indicate that each sensor is activated. All in as real time as possible.

As you can see I have little understanding of the system at the present time. I just need some pointers for which route to go down. SQL? Access db? Or a totally different route altogether?

Many thanks in advance folks! Look forward to the reply's.


Then I want to use that database value on my web page

This sounds like you already have a web site of some sort - do you? If so, what database tools do you have there? If none, MySQL is a popular choice because of the price - free.

Hi wildbill,

I do have website which has mySQL installed on server. But I was thinking about a standalong project running only on local network...

Then you could use a local web server & db to store and serve up the data. Alternatively, since the Arduino Ethernet has an SD card, you could use the Arduino as a web server and, if you want to record your data, put it in a text file on the card.

Never really thought about the SD card. Good idea!

Which programming code will be best for this application?