6 x 5k potentometers on mega 2560 interferens

so ive got the problem that i got 6 potentometers on my arduino they are all 5k potentometers they are on the same 5volt and gnd. i use the knob examble from arduino just set up for 6 potentometers the problem is that when use one pot on one analog in it changes the redings of all 6 potentometers why do they interact whith each other??

the pots… ALL right connectore to 5V, ALL left end go GND, All middle point to A0…A5 ??

for (byte i=A0 i<=A5; i++) {Serial.println(analogRead(i)); delay(100);}

…and this code returns same value for all pots. (turned to different positions) ??