6 zone Led strip control

Good afternoon Forum,

I wanted to throw this project idea across before spending too much time on it if it cant be done. I have an arduino uno (wnat to use a mini pro for final project) and I want to control 6 strips on leds independently. I would want there to be 8 control buttons one for each 'zone' as well as an all off and a cycle zone button that would light each zone for a set time. I am capable of getting together the coding, but would like an assurance that the uno (and mini pro) are viable options.

Again, I really just need to know if im wasting my time before I spend any money/time on this project.

What type of led strip? Single colour, rgb, rgb adressable? Dimmable or just on/of of?

How long will each strip be, how many leds? What voltage?

The short answer is yes, your project is possible. How difficult, or what the easiest way to implement it, depends on these kinds of questions.

Single color LED 12v. Just on/off, when you press 'zone' 1 then it clicks on, press another 'zone' and only it will light. I don't know a way to explain that better. One at a time lighting? The strips will be close to 4m long in six groups but not exceeding their suggested 5m limit, I know I will need to have a power supply for them. I have seen that this is not as super complex as I may fear, I am not looking for someone to write the code for me I would just like some gides to the correct reading material.

OK, but you forgot to say how many leds per metre.

You're going to need 6 logic-level N-channel power-MOSFETs such as stp16nf06l or many others. They should have logic-level gates and be able to handle the current for one of your strips. At 60 leds per metre, each strip is going to draw nearly 5A, half that for 30 leds per metre, so that one I suggested will handle that easily.

The MOSFETs go between the -ve strip connection and ground. The +ve connection goes to your 12V supply. The MOSFET gates should be connected to Arduino pins with a low value resistor such as 220R and the Arduino pins should be pulled to ground with high value resistor like 10K.

You should still have 8 spare pins to connect your switches to. If not, you can arrange the switches in a matrix using only 4 pins.

60 led/m