60mA on arduino nano


I just got a litle problem. I have a motor and it used 60 mA. i dont thought on this and just used it. now I heard a litle tik and it started to smoke. Its not broken but i now have only 3.6 v output. Can i solve this problem or i need to buy an other one?

Greetings Wouter

What smoked? Why is this an Installation problem?

My arduino started to smoke i think a resister melted and has more resistance now. and this was my first post i thought i was good to post it here.

You connected your motor directly to an I/O pin, set to OUTPUT, and turned it on?

I used the 5v pin I placed a button and conected it to the gnd pin. I was testing the motor so i dont programmed something.

You shorted 5V to ground? Why not draw us a schematic?

5v to button to motor to ground. but the motor asks 60mA

60mA for a motor is pretty light - even an unloaded phone vibra can draw more than that. Post details.

it was a motor from a toy car. I but a 1.5v battery and with a multymeter i got 60mA. i dont have any specs. I know an arduino gives 40 mA and my motor got 60 so my arduino started to smoke. the motor has an diameter of 2 cm and a length of 2.5 cm