60V 3 Phase Brushless Dc Motor Control with Arduino

Hi guys, I am trying to make a unicycle. I have experiance with mpu 6050. In fact, im really good with it. But I didn't drive big motors before. So here is what I have about dc motor.

60V and 350W
As a battery, I have ordered a battery pack for this. They will build it with sony vtc4 18650 batteries.

Reversing the polarity is not my goal. So, motor should turn just 1 way and its ok. My goal is speed the motor up while the angle of the body of the unicycle increase. I didnt do the math but i will. The problem is, there are so many brushless dc motor drivers out there. And I have read some of relevant the topics here. But generally there wasnt a dc motor that close to mine. So I thought maybe some of you could give a hand.

That is an unusual specification. You don’t normally get that high voltage with that low power. However it is well within the range of normal MOSFETs so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding components for the output stage. Then a little thought on the driver stage and you should be able to put something together.

I think your maths is wrong. Even if you only desire forwards rotation of the wheel, you still need the motor controller to apply reverse torque. How else do you stop?

I didnt use one of these unicycle before. I thought it would be like normal skate boards :slight_smile: But you are right what if I go fast :slight_smile:

So? I think I will need an H bridge + ESC am i right ? H bridge for reversing the polarity and esc to control speed of the motor. Could you give me some advice about how to pick them up ?

Brushless esc's have the hardware to do reverse. No extra hbridge needed.
If its programmed for a airplane or helicopter or Ebike then it might be set up for one direction but its just the way it is programmed. Get an esc for a car and it will have reverse, or easy access to enable it.

Its the 60v requirement that is going to be tricky for hobby escs though. High voltage ones will be expensive.
Some E bike controllers would work up to 60v, you may be able to find one with reverse.

Are you trying to make one of these?


Tom... :slight_smile:

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If you are going only one direction, a high voltage high current FET will do.
For speed,just PWM its gate. You may need another transistor driver to control the gate of the FET.