64x64 Matrix problem

So I have this 64x64 RGB LED Matrix which was working totally fine, but now some of the LEDs are not working, and I have no idea what could be wrong… Any idea?

Any idea?


Post a schematic. Post your code. Which LEDs? The same ones all the time or random? Any temporal pattern to the ones that are out?

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12288 LEDs, hmmm, cheap ones? Out of that many hardly surprising if a few fail, almost inevitable. I'd be more surprised if none of them failed.

It is most unlikely to be a code fault since you have not changed the code.

If LEDs have failed, it is most likely hat LEDs have failed - as you not infrequently see on roadside signs.

If however there is a pattern, such as a line or block of failed LEDs, then it is more likely the drive electronics.

So unless you properly describe the situation - logically with a photograph, we quite obviously cannot say more. :roll_eyes:

"So I have this 64x64 RGB LED Matrix..."

Right. . .

Is it not actually a 64 LED (8 x 8) matrix?

Is it not actually a 64 LED (8 x 8) matrix?

You may be correct, but I much prefer the idea of a 64 x 64 matrix :slight_smile:

We may never know. :roll_eyes:

Or perhaps just have to wait until next weekend. :grinning: