6ch relay power consumption

I am working with some project where i will use 6ch relay with NANO and some touch panels to switch lights. I am using nano as it is small enough to put it in a wall box but big enough to solder it. My eyes are not as it used to be.

The idea is to use two separate power adapters 5V/1A each. One to power nano, and one to power relay module. The module i bought is:

I will just connect digital pins with nano. Touch panels in case one might want to know:

I think all of this will work just fine, but i would like to here other thoughts.


That relay module page SAYS it is 12VDC power, not 5V

Also the PHOTO shows 24 V DC relays.

Look closely at the relays; what is the voltage shown?

All the relay boards on the page show the same photo with 24V. Can't be right...

Wrong link. They have 3,3V, 5V, 12V and 24V models.