6V Flashes array


i have 11 flashes that each 6V, and i would like to have them light randomly.

There is no detailed spec for the flashes, but they use 4 AA batteries(1.5V). Below is the link for buying.


I want to know how can i handle those flashes which higher than arduino's voltage? I just guess, N-channel mosfet needed in this case..

And also, by specs of lack of information, i have trouble to choose right register for those flashes..

I'd check the trigger voltages first - you may need optotriacs (MOC3020?).

EDIT - I just looked at the eBay page - it says "High pressure trigger". I'm assuming this means "high tension" or "high voltage", so proper isolation is essential - it could be over 100V. Don't even think about putting one of these guns on a modern camera!

I like the translation "hot-shoe" == "thermal shoe" ;D

Also, before deployment, check any local regulations about photo-sensitive epilepsy.