6v for Arduino Micro

Hi all- I have a 6v power source that I cna easily draw from in my project. The spec sheet for the Arduino micro suggests 7v to be the minimum voltage. Would 6v be too low? Are there alternatives that don't add as much space as a UBEC?

Hi lpbug,

7V is the minimum recommended. The minimum limit says 6V. This is the lowest voltage at which the voltage regulator can maintain its 5V output. If the input falls a little below 6V, the output will probably fall below 5V. This may not be much of a problem in most circuits. Try it, use your dmm to measure the input and output voltages on the raw and 5V pins, while running a few leds (with series resistors) from the 5V to provide some load.

Is the 6V supply regulated? If so, another option would be to put one or two power diodes in the circuit to drop around 0.7 volts each, and feed the 5V pin directly.


Hey Paul, the 6v is regulated. But instead of doing that I will try feeding 6V to the Arduino to see if it will work.

Thanks for the help!