6v motor

Can I use a 3v battery to power a 6v 70mA motor?

I'm not looking for full speed, I actually want it to move pretty slow.

The 6v motor is all I have to work with, I don't have time to order a smaller one

If you have both the motor and the battery, you can try it out, you're not gonna damage it. But I'm not sure it'll work, especially to provide enough current to initiate the motion :/

You'll just have to try it. I'm 100% sure the motor will run at 5.9V and fairly confident it will run at 5V. What voltage is too low to turn the motor? Who knows?

Of course it also depends on the load. The speed depends on the load, and the current depends on the load.

In general, it takes a bit more voltage to get the motor to run than to keep it running... i.e. A motor might not start with less than 3V, but after it starts turning it might continue to run down to 2V...

I actually want it to move pretty slow.

Again, you'll have to experiment. At slow speeds, you can't always count on simply applying a lower voltage. You may need a voltage "kick" to the get the motor started, and then you can back-off to reduce the speed.

With a light load it will run just fine at about half the rated no load speed.