7.0" TFT LCD Module, Resolution 800x480, SSD1963 Controller Guidance for help

Hello, newbie here. Recently I have bought a 7" display and a LCD shield. After connecting all of them together with and arduino Mega 2560, download some examples library. Then the display never show up anything; blank screen. I have desperately searching for the solution the whole day, still nothing happen. Script after script it never works. (TFT examples)

Here is the link for the display I have bought:

Here is the link for the LCD shield:

Pls… I am hoping I can have it done as soon as possible. If I done anything wrong, do not be mad.
I just want a little bit of guidance on this problem. Because after doing many cool project with arduino micro controller, I eventually make something out of what I have learn so far. Again I am new here.