7" Arduino Display

I have three genuine Arduino Due and have no interest in the Sain Due. That being said they sell their Sain Due, Display Shield and 7" TFT display:


I am wondering if it is reasonable to expect the system to work if I give away the sain Due and use the geniune Arduino Due. I need a 7" display and its shield. If the pinout was identical between the two, is there anything else that I would need to consider?

First of all, the Sainsmart due board is fully compatible with the Arduino Due. the adapter board should work equally as well on either board.

Note: the due board barely has enough power to drive the 7 inch TFT screen. Leaving only about 150 mA To power the due board and other components. It is recommended you use a 5V 1A Power supply, To power the shield. The due will boot faster and be much more stable. you can also safely power the due with the same 5V power supply, but the current should be increased to 2A, for stability. just be careful with your wiring. Don’t short anything out. There is not any protection to prevent damage to the due board.

I am impressed you appear to have done a little research BEFORE turning to the forums to sort out all the problems you will inherently have with the Sainshit TFT. My recommendation would be buy a GENUINE Coldtears 7" display and not a Sainshit rip-off of a Coldtears display.....

Not much more expensive, and (almost) guaranteed to work correctly with no problems with the UTFT suite of libraries by Henning Karlsen (now Rinkydinkelectronics), and not the butchered version Sainshit supply.

Do you see a theme here? Sainshit = crap rip off with poor support..... = asking for trouble....

Coldtears = poor support, but with less potential problems.... :P

You can source your GENUINE Coldtears parts here. http://stores.ebay.com/coldtears-electronics-store/TFT-LCD-Modules-/_i.html?_fsub=3830141016&_sid=680237586&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322

Advice is only that, take it or leave it, but I have already earned my stripes for the sheer quantity of people I have tried to assist AFTER they bought Saincrap and found it not worth the few $$ they saved!



EDIT: Good grief!! Saincrap not even THAT cheap any more..... $106?? Steer clear!!

Get one of these http://www.ebay.com/itm/TFT-SD-Shield-Arduino-DUE-TFT-LCD-Module-SD-Card-Adapter-2-8-3-2-inch-Mega-/121057447668?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c2f960ef4

And one of these http://www.ebay.com/itm/7-7-0-inch-TFT-LCD-module-Font-IC-800x480-SSD1963-arduino-DUE-MEGA2560-3-5-4-3-/111008432389?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19d89e4105

= $76.96 inc shipping!! You're welcome!! ;) :P

Hi I am trying to interface 7" inch display with Rinkydinkelectronics library. Display is showing image as inverted. Even the character are 180 degree inverted. Can anybody help to resolve this issue.

Do you mean the entire display is rotated 180 degrees? If so, why is that a problem? Unless you mean the display is mirrored, in which case I would surmise you went for one of the 'cheaper' options for your display supplier?



please have a look at this link. It may help you with your problem.

SSD1963 controller with 7" TFT (horizontally mirrored image)