7 Band - semi-transparent color EQ

Here is a prototype color graphical EQ. It uses acrylic tubes so that the light moves up the tube as it gets brighter.

This was created using the 7 band eq chip and 7 22pixel lights from bliptronics.com. The tubes are acrylic tubes from stir sticks that were sanded to created frosted diffusion. On the top there is a hot glue stick to keep it steady. Holes in a butterflied PVC pipe hold the tubes and black felt covers the PVC.


I chose the song because it has some bass only areas and shows the EQ separation pretty well.

Thanks in the forum for your help with the chip.

Looks cool, do you have some pictures of the construction? Do you vary the height of the light by fading the LED's?

Do you vary the height of the light by fading the LED's?

Yes -I pull the value from each band and convert from 0 to 1023 to 0 to 255. Then convert HSV to RGB and set a Hue for the band and the value as the above computed value and the saturation at 100%.

I am using the RGBCommonLED library / class to do the HSV to RGB conversion.

The code is a bit harder and I have a huge complex application, too much to post here as an example. That said, I am using almost none of the real brains in the app for this. I may be able to provide some slimmed down, basic code for this if requested.

do you have some pictures of the construction?

I do not have any construction pictures yet, I'll shoot a few with my phone as post them.

Here is a quick video that shows the EQ in the light with a basic overview on how it was built. The RGB led is the type with a build in IC .. forgot to mention that part :) This could be done with standard RGBs .. just need some shift registers to run it.


Cool video, thanks. Always nice to see how other people construct/create things. Very inspiring! :)