$7 displays - great bang-for-the-buck

I just received my ~$7 display purchased from DealExtreme (no affiliation).
You can get various displays like these, that feature 8x 7-segment displays, 8x LEDs and 8x buttons on eBay, DealExtreme and other sites.

Here's what they look like:

They are incredibly easy to hook up, requiring only 3 pins on the Arduino ("Strobe", "Clock" and "Data").

These modules are using the "TM1638" chip to drive the display, LEDs and buttons.
A library is available that makes it super easy to use:

Alternatively, I've also written my own library to make communicating with the display even faster:

I would highly recommend these displays!

Example project with this display:

Cool, now only need cans with time;)

do you have the DX link?




The only thing I don't like from these, is that you can't represent all letters (like M or K)

Seven segments. You get what you get.